“Every relationship we develop from the most casual to the most intimate serves the purpose of helping us to become more conscious”

Carolyn Miss

Our relationships shape our life. Everytime we go for something we want, inevitably we will relate with other people.(bond with them, team with them, or what we want depends on their approval, permission, acceptance).

The way we position ourselves in a relationship, the way we interact, connect and how we communicate our message to others influences directly achieving that goal or not.

What will the Conscious Relationships Workshop do for you:

  • raise you awareness about the way you relate in life;

  • provide you with a deep understanding of what didn’t work in your past relationships and how to change that;
  • show you what are the disfunctional relationship patterns and how to break free from them;
-maximise your communication style;

  • provide you with a secret technique for you to feel confident in any social situation;
-show you how to read and understand human behaviour;
  • provide you with tools to handle conflict with integrity;
-show how to connect with others in a powerful and authentic way.